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Monday, December 3, 2012

CNN: Marijuana is Now Legal in Washington State

Source: CNN-
Source: CNN: Marijuana is Now Legal in Washington State

One of the best stories of 2012, because it proves how far America is moving to become that big government out of our wallets and personal lives country that both Barry Goldwater and John F. Kennedy, who agreed as often as it snows in Los Angeles, that they both advocated for in the 1960s. It also shows that even though Millennial's are flirting with socialism and big government from the Left, ( Far-Left really) that my Generation X is becoming a generation that doesn't want Uncle Sam or any other government uncle running our lives for us. Marijuana legalization was a fringe issue even back in 2004 and now eight years later it is legal in two more states in Colorado and Washington  and could be headed to New Hampshire, my state of Maryland, California, and perhaps other states in the next 5-10 years. Because more Americans are coming to realize the failures of the so-called War on Drugs and that we need a better approach to how we deal with narcotics like marijuana and instead locking people up for possessing or usage of it, legalize and regulate it like legal narcotics. Like alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs and other drugs.