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Saturday, December 22, 2012 Via Postmedia News: Andrew Coyne: 2012 Was The Year The Stephen Harper Government Finally Found a Sense of Direction

2012 was the year the Stephen Harper government finally found a sense of direction

Canadian politics is interesting to me at least in this sense that people who are called Conservatives in Canada. Look like Jack Kennedy/Bill Clinton Liberal Democrats people who believe in social freedom to go along with. Fiscal responsibility and limited government to go along with a strong defense and the people who are. Called the Liberals in Canada look like the Social Democratic Progressive Caucus in Congress in America. So Canada compared with America looks like the two dominant parties the Conservatives and Democrats. Since the so called Liberals are out of power as well as the opposition today, looks like they have what at least. Would be in America a center left party in the Conservatives and two major lets say further left parties in. The Democrats and Liberals, so the Conservatives in Canada would be Democrats in America with the Democrats and Liberals. And Canada filling the further left Progressive wing in the Democratic Party but Canada doesn't seem to have. A major Conservative-Libertarian Party which you would thing the Conservatives would fit that bill.

So what Canadian Social Democrats seem to not like about Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his government. Is that they are too Liberal not Socialist enough for them and look too much like America that they are trying. To make Canada look like America, whereas Conservatives and Liberals as well in America are constantly. Accusing Progressives in America of trying to make America look like Canada and trying to make us more Socialist.