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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Baltimore Sports Report: Better Ravens Head Coach: John Harbaugh Or Brian Billick?

Better Ravens Head Coach: John Harbaugh Or Brian Billick?

To me its John Harbaugh especially if the Ravens hold on and make it to the AFC Playoffs for the fifth straight season. Something that rarely happens anymore in the NFL, with all of the injuries and free agency, players holding out. While they are still under contract and so fourth and so much more now being expected from head coaches, with less time. Given to them to accomplish what the fans and management expect from them and I know Brian Billick won a Super Bowl. With basically not having a passing game that they could rely on but if you look at the overall pictures of both coaches. And the fact that the Ravens have gone to the AFC Playoffs now every season until they miss it under John Harbaugh. Starting with a rookie QB and still a young QB whose still inconsistent, I think you have to give the edge to. John Harbaugh, whose not only been to the AFC Playoffs every season but has one at least one playoff game. Every season he's been in Baltimore as well.