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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Politico: Dylan Byers- Is Andrew Sullivan a Conservative?

Source: Harvard University- Blogger Andrew Sullivan-
Source: Politico: Dylan Byers- Is Andrew Sullivan a Conservative?

Andrew Sullivan is exactly what a Conservative should be in a political sense. He represents exactly what conservatism actually is and not how it's been stereotyped. The fact is Andrew Sullivan is a Conservative but the Christian-Right populist Tea Party GOP today is not conservative. At least in the political sense, conservative in a religious sense I guess. Not so sure about that anymore and I guess since they've combined their religious views with their political views, they believe they can credibly call themselves Conservatives.

But the GOP aren't and here's why, a political Conservative is someone who believes in conserving individual freedom. Thats how Barry Goldwater and Ron Reagan built the Republican party that remained intact up until the early 1990s when Bill Clinton became President and the GOP went theocratic and statist. And not just that a Liberal Democrat from the South was now President of the United States of all things.

Everything that President Clinton essentially represents, now came to power as well, someone who was from the 1960s generation and was looking to progress America past the 1950s and that generation and wanted to make America more inclusive for all Americans. The Far-Right Confederates were fairly quiet during President Reagan's and President Bush's tenure, but once Liberal Democrats came to power, they made their voices known and the GOP and conservatism has been going downhill ever since.
Harvard University: Andrew Sullivan- Conservatism & Its Discontents