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Monday, November 26, 2012

PBS: NewsHour- Jeffrey Brown: As Kurds Fight for Freedom in Syria, Fears Rise in Turkey

Source: PBS NewsHour-
Source: PBS: NewsHour- Jeffrey Brown: As Kurds Fight For Freedom in Syria, Fears Rise in Turkey

There may be some type of Independent State of Kurdistan that could be emerging from the revolution against the Assad Regime in Syria. Where Syrian Kurdistan would merge with Iraqi Kurdistan and Turkish Kurdistan. Similar to what happen to the Jews in the Middle East after World War II, where they were rewarded with the Jewish State of Israel. As a result of the ethnic discrimination they received in Europe and Arabia. A United Kurdistan that would also include Kurdish Iran might be the only way to end the ethnic violence that the Kurds have been receiving from Arabs, Turks and Persians. And independent Kurdistan that has a responsible government with checks and balances where the people have the freedom over their own lives and are not held down by their own government. Which is what has developed in Israel for the Jews, as well as Kurdistan in Iraq which operates as an independent province of Iraq. Even when Saddam Hussein was President of Iraq and had dictatorial rule over the rest of the country. This would never be easy because Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran, would fight hard to hold onto their part of Kurdistan.