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Saturday, November 10, 2012 KCTS-TV: What Is The Next Step Now That Marijuana Legalization Has Passed

Hopefully the next step for marijuana legalization in America and I'm not being optimistic on this. Because I haven't seen any evidence of this happening yet but hopefully the Obama Administration. Will take a wait and see approach and see how marijuana legalization is working in Colorado and Washington State and see how it works there. Especially since President Obama was overwhelmingly reelected in the Electoral College by Leftist Democrats such as myself who want to. See marijuana legalization nationwide and take a states rights approach and say, look we aren't going. To legalize marijuana nationwide but if states want to do this, then thats their decision as long as they are taxing and regulating it. And that it will up to the states to regulate this while the Federal Government won't endorse or interfere with it. But they are responsible for the consequences of it as well.