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Monday, November 5, 2012

Mama Barracuda: Fox News- Ann Coulter: 'Mitt Romney Was Spectacular'

Source: Mama Barracuda-
Source: Mama Barracuda: Fox News- Ann Coulter: 'Mitt Romney Was Spectacular'

Ann Coulter either living in dreamland where I would hope she would move indefinitely or lying out of her ass and has the biggest asshole in the history of the universe, at least for a stick figure. If she believes a damn word she said about Mitt Romney and how he would win Tuesday night.

Actually, if the Republican Party were to somehow manage to outlaw any type of news that is critical even if truthful about Mitt Romney and the broader Republican Party in general and somehow pass a law that prevents Democrats regardless of race, unless they live in rural America from voting at all on Tuesday, then maybe Mitt Romney has one snowballs chance on a hot day in Arizona of winning Tuesday night.

The Republican Party has both a demographic and immigration problem. There's simply not enough English-Protstants in America for Mitt to defeat President Obama by themselves. Which means they need to find voters whose families haven't been living in America since the 1700s, who aren't Protestant and who don't have pale complexions, who perhaps are even women, to vote for a man whose immigration policy is basically deporting twelve-million people in America. When the largest ethnic minority in America are Latinos and represent a large part of the illegal immigration population in America.