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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

LouDobbsNation: Progressive Economist Paul Krugman Calls For 91% Tax Rate: Why This Would be a Horrible Idea

I get on Neoconservatives a lot about them wanting to take America back to the 1950s politically in a cultural sense at least. But they are not the only political faction that wants to do this, Progressives want to take America back to the 1950s. Economically and its not just that they want all of the Bush tax cuts to expire, including for the middle class but they want every tax cut. Thats been passed since the 1960s to expire as well, that Bush, Clinton, Reagan and Kennedy as Presidents, because they. Believe that the more money that the Federal Government has, the more equal the economy will be, because the Feds. Will have all of these resources to build up America to its potential and no one will ever have too much or too little again. And when people say something like well with my taxes being up so high, how am I suppose to pay my bills. With Progressives answering well don't worry about it because the Federal Government will now provide the services that you need to survive. Based on what they believe you need and what little money you have left, you can spend as you please.

Lou Dobbs called Paul Krugman a "tax and spend Liberal", which tells you how much Mr. Dobbs knows about Liberals. Which is about as much as fish know how to read or who won the last Super Bowl, its Liberal Democrat Jack Kennedy who first. Cut our taxes from those huge rates ranging from 25-90% in the 1950s and cut them across the board. In the 1960s, not Conservative Dwight Eisenhower in the 1950s or Conservative Gerry Ford in the 1970s. Even though President Ford did try to cut taxes but why would this be a bad idea, where would the incentive for people to be successful. And productive in life if they know the Feds are going to take most of that production away from you. And also make you dependent on government, it would be all gone and Social Democrats as I call Progressives. Point to Sweden and that it works there, very different country, as far as population. And culture, Swedes want to be taken care of, where as Americans by in large prefer to be as independent from government as much as possible.