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Thursday, November 8, 2012

LouDobbsNation: "Consequences Of A Second Obama Administration"

Isn't Lou Dobbs suppose to be a Leader in the Independent political movement, a Leader of so called. Independent America, oh wait I forgot Lou Dobbs works for Fox News, if you want to call that news, more like Right Wing spin. Judge Andrew Napalatano is the only real Independent at Fox News, at least who hosts a show and Judge Napalitano is also an Independent Libertarian. Lou Dobbs might be officially and Independent, meaning he's not the member of a political party but all he. Really does is repeat the same Right Wing spin of the Tea Party and Neoconservative Republicans with. That small 1950s view of America, to correct Mr. Dobbs record, the so called fiscal cliff came out of negotiation. With the President, Republican House and Democratic Senate because those three sides couldn't come up with a long term agreement on deficit reduction. This agreement had across the board tax hikes and budget cuts that would go into place if the President and. Congress couldn't reach an agreement on deficit reduction by January, 2013.

What Republicans including Lou Dobbs likes to do, even though Mr. Dobbs might not be an official Republican. Is act as if President Obama wrote and passed the 2011 Budget Control Act on his own and made it law himself. As if he was some type of dictator or something, even though these same Republicans who are now against the 2011 BCA voted for it in the House and Senate. Lou Dobbs is not much more then a member of the Right Wing Spin Machine courtesy of Fox News.