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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Association VAA: Laura Ingraham- Speech At RNC: July 20, 2016

Source: Association VAA-
Source: Association VAA: Laura Ingraham- Speech At RNC: July 20, 2016

What would this new so called southern strategy be, attempting to deny people from voting literally because of their race or ethnicity, maybe even both, trying to pass laws that try to argue that states have such laws and are entitled to prevent people from voting if the government believes they represent some danger to the state and trying to argue even that states have the right to decide who can and can't vote?

Maybe even trying to pass some law and arguing that would raise the voting age and arguing that the states have the right to do that, perhaps 30-35 thinking by then adults would have lost their leftist leanings and woken up to the real world and decide they are now right wingers?  One so-called voter ID law was already thrown out by the U.S. Supreme Court, ruled as unconstitutional and I bet several others are headed in that direction, especially with the elections being over and you may see the Federal Government move to speed up voting so we don't see the long lines to vote that we saw last Tuesday.

Barry Goldwater and Ron Reagan's appeal to so many Americans was about individual freedom, economic and social freedom. It was a classical conservative message, we are going to keep taxes and spending down and let you live your own lives, not interfere with what you do with your private affairs. And then the GOP thanks to Richard Nixon and others brought in Christian-Conservatives, telling them they also believe in what they call traditional America. As well to keep them from going to some fa -right party that could challenge Republicans especially in close elections they would tell them that without ever doing anything for them for the most part when it came to policy. Ron Reagan as Governor of California signed a liberal abortion law and I believe a liberal civil rights law as President. He could do this and tell  Christian-Conservatives he's really with then and once he brought them in, they really didn't have anywhere else to go.

There's that old phrase once you're in a hole, stop digging. The GOP is currently at a cliff and about to be pushed off by young people and minorities that see them as intolerant and now prefer Democrats by 70%. And with Caucasians dying off and shrinking as a percentage of the electorate today's GOP simply can't survive as is but if they get back to Goldwater/Reagan they can bring in the new voters. That they need to remain relevant in American politics.