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Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Big Picture RT: Thom Hartmann Interviewing David Frum- What Was Conservative Like Before Fox News

Source: Russia Today-
Source: The Big Picture RT: Thom Hartmann Interviewing David Frum- What Was Conservative Like Before Fox News

There are several problems with the GOP right now and I'm not going to try to make the case that the GOP is dead or something and will be an indefinite opposition party or minority party in the Senate or lose their majority in the House in two years to never retake the majority again. This just in- I'm not a political commentator for Salon, The Nation, or MSNBC.

That is what happened in 2008 when people were predicting the death of the GOP and looked strong again, in large parts to the Democratic party by late 2009, when they picked up a couple of governorships. But it's not so much right now or perhaps even in the next two years that the Republican Party is in danger of becoming an indefinite opposition party as well as minority party in Congress, both House and Senate. But within four years if they stay on current course and not able to reach out to their limited base of support right now across the country, they'll continue to lose most of the big states in the union and struggle to even win Senate seats that are in normally safe states for them.

The Republican Party has two major problems and either one of them could put them in position of becoming a minor third party if not addressed, where we would see another party take it's place. Problem one, they are two small, they rely mostly on Caucasian, male, Evangelical, older rural voters while the rest of the county that lives in major metropolitan areas vote Democratic, roughly 40% of Caucasians, 60% of all women, over 70% of  Latin and Asian Americans and 90% of African Americans who are still about 13% of the population, that Democrats never have to worry about losing.

The other problem for the GOP is that they have an information gap, not enough people who actually know what's going on, politics or otherwise and too many people they rely on to just tell them what they want to here instead, something positive about the Republican cause and so-forth, Fox News being a perfect example of this.

The demographic gap is huge for the GOP, because it's not only so limited, but it's also getting smaller and older. As America is moving to becoming a racially and ethnically minority and majority country. Which means for the GOP to remain competitive in the future, they are going to have to broaden their base. And the information gap is critical as well, because not enough Republicans, especially professional Republicans actually knows what's going on.

So we see like with election last Tuesday where only Fox News is finding polling that suggests that Mitt Romney would either win or can win. Which is why we saw all of those Republicans who were shocked to find that President Obama was reelected Tuesday night because there weren't enough Republicans who had that information themselves.

The GOP doesn't have to die or become an indefinite opposition minority party, which they are in danger of happening to them within the next four years. But to prevent this, they do have to broaden their base and bring in new voters and get better information, people who actually report what's going on, so Republicans can actually respond to what's happening. Rather than what they want to happen that benefits them.