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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Crooks and Liars: Opinion John Armato: 'America Elects A Liberal Agenda'

Source: Crooks and Liars: Opinion- John Amato: America Elects A Liberal Agenda

America didn't elect a liberal agenda as much as I wish they have, but they did say no to extremism especially from the Far Right. And made it clear they weren't ready for Mitt Romney and a Tea Party Congress to be running the Federal Government or even the entire U.S. Congress. Which is how Senate Democrats actually added a seat to their majority. But before Democrats, Liberals such as myself or Progressives should get too excited, Americans aren't ready for Democrats to be running the Federal Government completely either. We are still the senior partner of the Federal Government with the White House and Senate, but Republicans still control the U.S. House. Which means Democrats are going to have to work with House Republicans, as well as at least some Senate Republicans,.

Even though Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell will have a smaller hand to deal with, but also a weaker hand politically as not just more Democrats were elected to the Senate, but Democrats who believe in a balanced approach to deficit reduction. Which means Democrats could probably get a new millionaires tax or closing tax loopholes out of the Senate to pay for deficit reduction. Why they would leave all of the middle class tax cuts in place. But there's no new mandate to let all of the tax cuts expire to finance what so-called Progressives ( Socialists, really ) call the New Green Deal. Which would be around 1T$ in new Federal programs to work towards job creation. If so-cvalled Progressives want this, then they should've voted for the Green Party. A democratic socialist party that believes in this approach when it comes to economics.
Source: The New York Times: President Obama's- Complete Victory Speech: Election Night 2012