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Friday, November 30, 2012

C-Span: US Senate Assistant Leader Mitch McConnell Opposed Filibustering Judicial Nominees: Back in 2005


The whole Senate filibuster debate, part of it is definitely about hypocrisy, depending on which party. Is in charge, Senate Republicans the current minority caucus in the Senate, are using to their full advantage. With the 47 members a very large Senate minority, soon to be 45 members in the next Congress, the ability to not only block but obstruct legislation. Which is a little different, for the minority party to block legislation, you simply block the final vote on it. Which is very common in the Senate going back to the 1950s or longer but if you obstruct legislation, you try. To kill the legislation even before it gets to that point by even blocking it from coming to the floor. With the motion to proceed rule that prevents the Senate unless there are sixty votes, from even debating legislation. And thats the main problem in the Senate right now, its not that legislation is not being passed but the simple. Fact that legislation is not even being debated and considered and since both sides have a history of hypocrisy on this issue. Its going to take a bipartisan solution to fix the obstructionism in the Senate.