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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Alex Jones: UK Lord Christopher Moncton- "Marxist Now Taking UKIP Members Children"

Source: Alex Jones-
Source: Alex Jones: UK Lord Christopher Moncton- Marxist Now Taking UKIP Members Children

Good to hear some real conservative opposition thought in Britain, at times even British Conservatives sound like Progressives or Social Democrats in Britain. Doesn't mean I agree with Lord Christopher Moncton as someone who is not a Nationalist which is what this guy sounds like as someone who believes foreigners and other are trying to brainwash British children. Britain does now have a growing nationalistic Far-Right even what is called in America a Tea Party. And I have more faith in the local auto mechanic's knowledge about brain surgery than I have in Alex Jones when it comes to anything related to news and current affairs in general. But UK Conservatives and even their leader Prime Minister David Cameron, have somewhat of a tendency to sound like American Progressives or Social Democrats when it comes to social policy. Not as Far-Left as the Labour Party in Britain, which is hard to do even in Britain. But not what in America would be known as a center-right Conservative Party that promotes individual freedom and conserving the U.S. Constitution.