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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Alex Jones: "The Ron Paul of Europe Exposes Globalist Tyranny"- UK Nationalist Nigel Farage

Source: Alex Jones-
Source: Alex Jones: The Ron Paul of Europe Exposes Globalist Tyranny

I do believe its possible that there would be some so called Euro superstate in the future, where large countries in Europe like Germany, France, Italy, Spain and others would come together and form a United Republic of Europe. But Nigel Farage a Brit is an example of why Britain would never join this new union, because he's not the only Brit that believes that the current European Union doesn't work. Plenty of people on both the right and left in Britain tend not be pro-European Union. Perhaps believing that the UK should be part of the EU, but never to the point that the UK should surrender any of it's independence as a national state to Brussels or anyone else in Europe. A perfect example of this would be when the UK didn't join the Euro currency in the late 1990s. Nigel Farage is a British Nationalist who believes not only should Britain not join some potential future Federal Europe, but that the United Kingdom should leave the EU all together and perhaps even the United Nations. Which is strange in a country that tends to be pro-internationalist and working with their allies to keep the peace in the world.