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Saturday, November 3, 2012

ABC Sports: World Heavyweight Championship: Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier 1, 1971

Source: ABC Sports-
To me Ali-Frazier 1 from 1971, the fight that was not only for the World Heavyweight Championship of boxing, was the boxing Super Bowl of the 1970s. But it was also the start of I believe the best heavyweight rivalry at least of the 1970s, by perhaps the two best boxers of this generation, and it really was the closest thing to a Super Bowl that boxing has ever had. If you consider where the event was which was at Madison Square Garden in New York and all of the people who saw this event, this was huge for not only the two boxers in this event, but also for boxing itself.
ABC Sports: 1971 World Heavyweight Championship- Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier