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Friday, November 30, 2012

C-Span: US Senate Assistant Leader Mitch McConnell Opposed Filibustering Judicial Nominees: Back in 2005


The whole Senate filibuster debate, part of it is definitely about hypocrisy, depending on which party. Is in charge, Senate Republicans the current minority caucus in the Senate, are using to their full advantage. With the 47 members a very large Senate minority, soon to be 45 members in the next Congress, the ability to not only block but obstruct legislation. Which is a little different, for the minority party to block legislation, you simply block the final vote on it. Which is very common in the Senate going back to the 1950s or longer but if you obstruct legislation, you try. To kill the legislation even before it gets to that point by even blocking it from coming to the floor. With the motion to proceed rule that prevents the Senate unless there are sixty votes, from even debating legislation. And thats the main problem in the Senate right now, its not that legislation is not being passed but the simple. Fact that legislation is not even being debated and considered and since both sides have a history of hypocrisy on this issue. Its going to take a bipartisan solution to fix the obstructionism in the Senate.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Alex Jones: "The Ron Paul of Europe Exposes Globalist Tyranny"- UK Nationalist Nigel Farage

Source: Alex Jones-
Source: Alex Jones: The Ron Paul of Europe Exposes Globalist Tyranny

I do believe its possible that there would be some so called Euro superstate in the future, where large countries in Europe like Germany, France, Italy, Spain and others would come together and form a United Republic of Europe. But Nigel Farage a Brit is an example of why Britain would never join this new union, because he's not the only Brit that believes that the current European Union doesn't work. Plenty of people on both the right and left in Britain tend not be pro-European Union. Perhaps believing that the UK should be part of the EU, but never to the point that the UK should surrender any of it's independence as a national state to Brussels or anyone else in Europe. A perfect example of this would be when the UK didn't join the Euro currency in the late 1990s. Nigel Farage is a British Nationalist who believes not only should Britain not join some potential future Federal Europe, but that the United Kingdom should leave the EU all together and perhaps even the United Nations. Which is strange in a country that tends to be pro-internationalist and working with their allies to keep the peace in the world.

Alex Jones: UK Lord Christopher Moncton- "Marxist Now Taking UKIP Members Children"

Source: Alex Jones-
Source: Alex Jones: UK Lord Christopher Moncton- Marxist Now Taking UKIP Members Children

Good to hear some real conservative opposition thought in Britain, at times even British Conservatives sound like Progressives or Social Democrats in Britain. Doesn't mean I agree with Lord Christopher Moncton as someone who is not a Nationalist which is what this guy sounds like as someone who believes foreigners and other are trying to brainwash British children. Britain does now have a growing nationalistic Far-Right even what is called in America a Tea Party. And I have more faith in the local auto mechanic's knowledge about brain surgery than I have in Alex Jones when it comes to anything related to news and current affairs in general. But UK Conservatives and even their leader Prime Minister David Cameron, have somewhat of a tendency to sound like American Progressives or Social Democrats when it comes to social policy. Not as Far-Left as the Labour Party in Britain, which is hard to do even in Britain. But not what in America would be known as a center-right Conservative Party that promotes individual freedom and conserving the U.S. Constitution.

Monday, November 26, 2012

PBS: NewsHour- Jeffrey Brown: As Kurds Fight for Freedom in Syria, Fears Rise in Turkey

Source: PBS NewsHour-
Source: PBS: NewsHour- Jeffrey Brown: As Kurds Fight For Freedom in Syria, Fears Rise in Turkey

There may be some type of Independent State of Kurdistan that could be emerging from the revolution against the Assad Regime in Syria. Where Syrian Kurdistan would merge with Iraqi Kurdistan and Turkish Kurdistan. Similar to what happen to the Jews in the Middle East after World War II, where they were rewarded with the Jewish State of Israel. As a result of the ethnic discrimination they received in Europe and Arabia. A United Kurdistan that would also include Kurdish Iran might be the only way to end the ethnic violence that the Kurds have been receiving from Arabs, Turks and Persians. And independent Kurdistan that has a responsible government with checks and balances where the people have the freedom over their own lives and are not held down by their own government. Which is what has developed in Israel for the Jews, as well as Kurdistan in Iraq which operates as an independent province of Iraq. Even when Saddam Hussein was President of Iraq and had dictatorial rule over the rest of the country. This would never be easy because Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran, would fight hard to hold onto their part of Kurdistan. 

CFLVideo1964: ESPN: CFL 1997: Hamilton Tigercats @ Toronto Argonauts

The 1997 battle of Ontario from Skydome

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Friday, November 23, 2012

CanadaClassicSports: CFN: CFL 1988: Eastern Semi Final: Hamilton Tigercats @ Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Mike Riley the head coach of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in this game, is the current head coach of the. Oregon State Beavers football program, the CFL has a long good history of producing people who later. Have a lot of success in American Football.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

LouDobbsNation: Progressive Economist Paul Krugman Calls For 91% Tax Rate: Why This Would be a Horrible Idea

I get on Neoconservatives a lot about them wanting to take America back to the 1950s politically in a cultural sense at least. But they are not the only political faction that wants to do this, Progressives want to take America back to the 1950s. Economically and its not just that they want all of the Bush tax cuts to expire, including for the middle class but they want every tax cut. Thats been passed since the 1960s to expire as well, that Bush, Clinton, Reagan and Kennedy as Presidents, because they. Believe that the more money that the Federal Government has, the more equal the economy will be, because the Feds. Will have all of these resources to build up America to its potential and no one will ever have too much or too little again. And when people say something like well with my taxes being up so high, how am I suppose to pay my bills. With Progressives answering well don't worry about it because the Federal Government will now provide the services that you need to survive. Based on what they believe you need and what little money you have left, you can spend as you please.

Lou Dobbs called Paul Krugman a "tax and spend Liberal", which tells you how much Mr. Dobbs knows about Liberals. Which is about as much as fish know how to read or who won the last Super Bowl, its Liberal Democrat Jack Kennedy who first. Cut our taxes from those huge rates ranging from 25-90% in the 1950s and cut them across the board. In the 1960s, not Conservative Dwight Eisenhower in the 1950s or Conservative Gerry Ford in the 1970s. Even though President Ford did try to cut taxes but why would this be a bad idea, where would the incentive for people to be successful. And productive in life if they know the Feds are going to take most of that production away from you. And also make you dependent on government, it would be all gone and Social Democrats as I call Progressives. Point to Sweden and that it works there, very different country, as far as population. And culture, Swedes want to be taken care of, where as Americans by in large prefer to be as independent from government as much as possible.

Monday, November 19, 2012

C-SPAN: BookTV Afterwords- Darryl Scott Interviewing James Patterson: The Eve of Destruction

Source: C-SPAN-
Source: C-SPAN: BookTV Afterwords- Darryl Scott Interviewing James Patterson- The Eve of Destruction

Very interesting program about race relations in America in the 1960s. I agree with James Patterson that the 1960s wasn't really like one decade, but probably more like two two-year decades. Culturally, politically, how people presented themselves, talked, related to each other, 1962 doesn't look much different from lets say 1957. Late 1963 post-JFK Assassination is where you see the decade change with Baby Boomers growing up and seeing an America that they don't like that much and don't seem to fit into.

You have the civil rights movement that young adult Americans from the Silent Generation (people born in the 1920s and 1930s) who were a big part of and you have Baby Boomers who were in college and coming of age in the 1960s, becoming part of the civil rights movement. The Vietnam War starts becoming controversial as far as America's role in it in 1965. If you look at the movies and music language starts becoming stronger and harder. No more what the devil or darn to express anger and amazement, but instead what the hell and damn, started becoming mainstream words and expressions in American culture. Even though today they would just be considered moderate swearing.

African-Americans, women, gays, started to feel the freedom to be themselves in America and expect that their constitutional rights would be enforced as well as everyone else in the country. The mid and late 1960s is where you really start to see free expression and individualism becoming a big part of American culture, as well as our diversity the two things that really make America exceptional. So yeah, 1965-69 looks much different from 1960-64, but the 1963-64 looks much different than 1960-62. So you could definitely make a good argument that the 1960s was actually three decades in one, instead of one ten-year decade.

Friday, November 16, 2012

ESPN: AWA 1986: World Title Match: Stan Hansen vs Leon White 4/08/1986

Nothing but size and strength in this matchup

Recovering Politician: No Labels: Jonathan Miller Talks Solutions on Fox News

I got the perfect nickname for a Washington sports franchise, the Gridlocks since so little gets done. And perhaps some of that has to do with the fact that so many Washingtonians get stuck in traffic.

The Fiscal Times: Josh Boak: US Senator Tom Coburn: "How Many Generals Does it Take to Screw Up a Budget?"

How Many Generals Does it Take to Screw… Up a Budget?

This is why Senator Tom Coburn is a real fiscal Conservative and why Tea Party Republicans just like to talk. Like fiscal Conservatives because Senator Coburn understands that to balance a budget and eliminate waste. You have to go across the board in the Federal budget, including the defense budget to find and eliminate the waste wherever it is.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

CBC Sports: NHL 1979: Stanley Cup Finals: Game 7: Boston Bruins VS Montreal Canadians

One of the best rivalries in the NHL

BryceCampbel: CBC Sports: CFL 1976: Grey Cup: Regina Roughriders vs Ottawa Renegades

Classic Grey Cup from the 1970s

Crook & Liars: Heather's Blog: "You Want to Raise the Retirement Age? Walk a Mile In Our Shoes First"

You Want to Raise the Retirement Age? Walk a Mile In Our Shoes First

You can save Social Security long term and do it in a way that doesn't hurt anyone who needs it or even hurt. Anyone whose going to collect from it, by doing simple things like having the wealthy pay for for it and collect less out of it. Raising the retirement age for anyone who can physically and financially afford to work longer, so construction workers, coal miners people who've worked back breaking jobs their whole. Working lives would be exempt from the new retirement age and could start collecting at 62-65, depending on. Their financial and health status but for people who can, want and even should work longer, they'll be able to do that. If they can physically and financially afford to without collecting from Social Security and we could use these savings. To save Social Security long term and help to pay down our debt and deficit and do these things in a way that doesn't hurt anyone.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ESPN: AWA 1987: Larry Zbyszko vs Nick Bockwinkel May 28, 1987

Nick Bockwinkel was the Ric Flair of the AWA, maybe even better

Politico: Dylan Byers- Is Andrew Sullivan a Conservative?

Source: Harvard University- Blogger Andrew Sullivan-
Source: Politico: Dylan Byers- Is Andrew Sullivan a Conservative?

Andrew Sullivan is exactly what a Conservative should be in a political sense. He represents exactly what conservatism actually is and not how it's been stereotyped. The fact is Andrew Sullivan is a Conservative but the Christian-Right populist Tea Party GOP today is not conservative. At least in the political sense, conservative in a religious sense I guess. Not so sure about that anymore and I guess since they've combined their religious views with their political views, they believe they can credibly call themselves Conservatives.

But the GOP aren't and here's why, a political Conservative is someone who believes in conserving individual freedom. Thats how Barry Goldwater and Ron Reagan built the Republican party that remained intact up until the early 1990s when Bill Clinton became President and the GOP went theocratic and statist. And not just that a Liberal Democrat from the South was now President of the United States of all things.

Everything that President Clinton essentially represents, now came to power as well, someone who was from the 1960s generation and was looking to progress America past the 1950s and that generation and wanted to make America more inclusive for all Americans. The Far-Right Confederates were fairly quiet during President Reagan's and President Bush's tenure, but once Liberal Democrats came to power, they made their voices known and the GOP and conservatism has been going downhill ever since.
Harvard University: Andrew Sullivan- Conservatism & Its Discontents

The Fiscal Times: Josh Boak: GOP Is Ready to Throw Millionaires to the Tax Wolves

GOP Is Ready to Throw Millionaires to the Tax Wolves

The 250K$ number is probably too low but House Republicans will probably go along with 1M$, if President Obama. Recognizes a good deal when its right in front of him.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Canadian Press: Chris Johnston: Joe Sakic, Matts Sundin Want to See Quebec City back in the NHL

Sakic, Sundin want to see Quebec City back in the NHL

This would be great for Quebec if they have the right arena and management and for Canadian pro hockey

The Fiscal Times: Phil Gailwitz: GOP-Led States Could Halt President Obama's Medicaid Push

GOP-Led States Could Halt Obama's Medicaid Push

My only issue with the Affordable Care Act as it now stands is the Medicaid provision, because it expands a program. That already the Federal Government doesn't want to pay for and that the states are struggling to pay for and needs to be fixed and reformed.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pakistan First: Ayesha Omer Riding a Motorcycle

Source: Pakistani First 786-Ayesha Omer-
Source: Pakistan First: Ayesha Omer Riding a Motorcycle

I’ll be honest and say that I have no idea who the hell Ayesha Omer is. If someone told me that they were shooting their girlfriend in Miami, Florida and she is a local school teacher in Cleveland or some place, I would believe him. I mean why wouldn’t I, because again I have no idea who Ayesha Omer is. When I saw this video I looked her up on Google to get a better idea who she is. And all I really saw was several photos of her and that she is from Pakistan and is a Pakistani actress. But from just seeing her in this video wants me to see more of her. Because she looks like someone who would make a very sexy beautiful biker chick and perhaps could do a lot more. So hopefully I’ll get to see more of her in the future.

CFLTV: WSF Recap: Calgary Beats Regina 36-30 In a Shootout

One of the best playoff games I've ever seen in any league with no one able to sustain enough momentum. Long enough in the game to put it away until the end, with three touchdowns scored and two lead changes in the last few minutes.

FootballVideoNetwork: NBC Sports: FBS 1975: 1976 Rose Bowl: Columbus vs Los Angeles: Curt Gowdy With The Call

Dick Vermiel's last game at Los Angeles

Politico: Kevin Robilliard: The Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol Calls For Debate on Raising Taxes

Kristol calls for debate on raising taxes

Even Bill Kristol understands that Republicans are going to have to compromise on new revenue when it comes to deficit reduction.

CFLVideo1964: TSN: CFL 1997: Regina Roughriders @ Toronto Argonauts

Great matchup with the Argonauts as defending Grey Cup champions

The Fiscal Times: Mandi Woodruff: How to Maximize Tax Breaks on Charitable Giving

How to Maximize Tax Breaks on Charitable Giving

One thing that should come from whatever tax reform we may have in the future, is leaving in the deduction for charitable giving. We should be encouraging Americans to donate to charities, instead of putting all of the responsibility on government and tax payers to do it. If anything we should be empowering charities even further, to people low income people get themselves out of poverty.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tomo News Funnies: Marijuana Legalization 2012- Colorado, Oregon, & Washington Vote

Source: Tomo News Funnies-
Source: Tomo News Funnies: Marijuana Legalization- Colorado, Oregon, & Washington Vote

Hopefully the next step for marijuana legalization in America will be marijuana legalization, but state by state with a federalist approach. Not Obama Administration trying to legalize marijuana through executive order, not that they would do that anyway. But instead Uncle Sam backing off and allowing for the states and localities, to make their own decisions on marijuana. And no longer arresting people for simply possession or usage of marijuana, if they're 21 or over. Because even though marijuana may be legal in one jurisdiction, it is not legal nationally.

And I'm not being optimistic on this, because I haven't seen any evidence of this happening yet, but hopefully the Obama Administration, will take a wait and see approach and see how marijuana legalization is working in Colorado and Washington State and see how it works there. Especially since President Obama was overwhelmingly reelected in the Electoral College by Liberal Democrats such as myself, who want to see marijuana legalization nationwide and take a states rights approach. And say, "look, we aren't going to legalize marijuana nationwide, but if states want to do this, then that's their decision as long as they are taxing and regulating it. And that it will up to the states to regulate this while the Federal Government won't endorse or interfere with it." But they are responsible for the consequences of it as well. And lets see five years from now how marijuana legalization is doing in America. Is tax revenue up in the states, is crime less, more, or about the same, does our criminal justice system have fewer offenders, or not, etc. And then go from there.

ESPN: CFL 1996- East Semifinal- Hamilton Tigercats @ Montreal Alouettes

The Montreal Allouettes first playoff game in like fifteen years.

The Big Picture RT: Thom Hartmann Interviewing David Frum- What Was Conservative Like Before Fox News

Source: Russia Today-
Source: The Big Picture RT: Thom Hartmann Interviewing David Frum- What Was Conservative Like Before Fox News

There are several problems with the GOP right now and I'm not going to try to make the case that the GOP is dead or something and will be an indefinite opposition party or minority party in the Senate or lose their majority in the House in two years to never retake the majority again. This just in- I'm not a political commentator for Salon, The Nation, or MSNBC.

That is what happened in 2008 when people were predicting the death of the GOP and looked strong again, in large parts to the Democratic party by late 2009, when they picked up a couple of governorships. But it's not so much right now or perhaps even in the next two years that the Republican Party is in danger of becoming an indefinite opposition party as well as minority party in Congress, both House and Senate. But within four years if they stay on current course and not able to reach out to their limited base of support right now across the country, they'll continue to lose most of the big states in the union and struggle to even win Senate seats that are in normally safe states for them.

The Republican Party has two major problems and either one of them could put them in position of becoming a minor third party if not addressed, where we would see another party take it's place. Problem one, they are two small, they rely mostly on Caucasian, male, Evangelical, older rural voters while the rest of the county that lives in major metropolitan areas vote Democratic, roughly 40% of Caucasians, 60% of all women, over 70% of  Latin and Asian Americans and 90% of African Americans who are still about 13% of the population, that Democrats never have to worry about losing.

The other problem for the GOP is that they have an information gap, not enough people who actually know what's going on, politics or otherwise and too many people they rely on to just tell them what they want to here instead, something positive about the Republican cause and so-forth, Fox News being a perfect example of this.

The demographic gap is huge for the GOP, because it's not only so limited, but it's also getting smaller and older. As America is moving to becoming a racially and ethnically minority and majority country. Which means for the GOP to remain competitive in the future, they are going to have to broaden their base. And the information gap is critical as well, because not enough Republicans, especially professional Republicans actually knows what's going on.

So we see like with election last Tuesday where only Fox News is finding polling that suggests that Mitt Romney would either win or can win. Which is why we saw all of those Republicans who were shocked to find that President Obama was reelected Tuesday night because there weren't enough Republicans who had that information themselves.

The GOP doesn't have to die or become an indefinite opposition minority party, which they are in danger of happening to them within the next four years. But to prevent this, they do have to broaden their base and bring in new voters and get better information, people who actually report what's going on, so Republicans can actually respond to what's happening. Rather than what they want to happen that benefits them.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

BleacherReport: Most Hated NBA Teams of All Time

For me its got to be the 1989 or 1990 Detroit Pistons because they were so tough, physical, stretched. The rules and were so good, despite never having the most talent in the league but always able to play very well together. With a great Head Coach in Chuck Daily.

LouDobbsNation: "Consequences Of A Second Obama Administration"

Isn't Lou Dobbs suppose to be a Leader in the Independent political movement, a Leader of so called. Independent America, oh wait I forgot Lou Dobbs works for Fox News, if you want to call that news, more like Right Wing spin. Judge Andrew Napalatano is the only real Independent at Fox News, at least who hosts a show and Judge Napalitano is also an Independent Libertarian. Lou Dobbs might be officially and Independent, meaning he's not the member of a political party but all he. Really does is repeat the same Right Wing spin of the Tea Party and Neoconservative Republicans with. That small 1950s view of America, to correct Mr. Dobbs record, the so called fiscal cliff came out of negotiation. With the President, Republican House and Democratic Senate because those three sides couldn't come up with a long term agreement on deficit reduction. This agreement had across the board tax hikes and budget cuts that would go into place if the President and. Congress couldn't reach an agreement on deficit reduction by January, 2013.

What Republicans including Lou Dobbs likes to do, even though Mr. Dobbs might not be an official Republican. Is act as if President Obama wrote and passed the 2011 Budget Control Act on his own and made it law himself. As if he was some type of dictator or something, even though these same Republicans who are now against the 2011 BCA voted for it in the House and Senate. Lou Dobbs is not much more then a member of the Right Wing Spin Machine courtesy of Fox News.

CBC Sports: CFL 1996- Calgary Stampeders @ Toronto Argonauts

I love the Calgary Stampeders red and black uniforms, they look similar to the Atlanta Falcons of the 1960s and 70s.

The Fiscal Times: Blaire Briody: Pot-enomics: The Birth of the Legal Weed Industry

Pot-enomics: The Birth of the Legal Weed Industry

A legal marijuana industry would create jobs and new tax revenue, especially for governments that are facing. Serious revenue shortfalls and high budget deficits.

BaltimoreSportsReport: Orioles Are Reportedly Targeting Josh Hamilton To Play Left Field

Orioles Are Reportedly Targeting Josh Hamilton To Play Left Field

Josh Hamilton would make a great fit for the Orioles, assuming his head is on straight because he would come. With a lot of baggage which is why the Texas Rangers didn't lock him up to a long term deal, so the Orioles will have to do their homework on Josh Hamilton and not get stuck. With a long term contract with a lot of money that Josh Hamilton is not able to live up to.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

CFLVideo1964: CBC Sports: CFL 1996: Ottawa Renegades @ Regina Roughriders

The CFL coming back to Ottawa in 2013, hopefully they have a new stadium and management in place. To make a CFL Franchise work in the Canadian Nations Capitol.

Crooks and Liars: Opinion John Armato: 'America Elects A Liberal Agenda'

Source: Crooks and Liars: Opinion- John Amato: America Elects A Liberal Agenda

America didn't elect a liberal agenda as much as I wish they have, but they did say no to extremism especially from the Far Right. And made it clear they weren't ready for Mitt Romney and a Tea Party Congress to be running the Federal Government or even the entire U.S. Congress. Which is how Senate Democrats actually added a seat to their majority. But before Democrats, Liberals such as myself or Progressives should get too excited, Americans aren't ready for Democrats to be running the Federal Government completely either. We are still the senior partner of the Federal Government with the White House and Senate, but Republicans still control the U.S. House. Which means Democrats are going to have to work with House Republicans, as well as at least some Senate Republicans,.

Even though Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell will have a smaller hand to deal with, but also a weaker hand politically as not just more Democrats were elected to the Senate, but Democrats who believe in a balanced approach to deficit reduction. Which means Democrats could probably get a new millionaires tax or closing tax loopholes out of the Senate to pay for deficit reduction. Why they would leave all of the middle class tax cuts in place. But there's no new mandate to let all of the tax cuts expire to finance what so-called Progressives ( Socialists, really ) call the New Green Deal. Which would be around 1T$ in new Federal programs to work towards job creation. If so-cvalled Progressives want this, then they should've voted for the Green Party. A democratic socialist party that believes in this approach when it comes to economics.
Source: The New York Times: President Obama's- Complete Victory Speech: Election Night 2012