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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

GM Correa: The Contender 2000- Ring of Fire: Kim Carnes & Jeff Bridges

Source: GM Correa-
Source: GM Correa: The Contender 2000- Rong of Fire: Kim Carnes & Jeff Bridges

One of the best opening scenes to a movie I've ever seen, I just wish the music was longer. After the first scene you at the very least know this movie is at least going to be interesting. A popular Governor being consider to be the next Vice President of the United States. Out fishing while being interviewed about that. Car goes off the bridge in the lake where these two people are fishing and of course the Governor of Virginia Jack Hathaway ( played by William Peterson ) jumps in the lake with what looks like no pre-thought put into it to save the woman who is presumably drowning in her car that is underwater in the lake. Governor Hathaway is not successful in saving the drowning woman. ( Not exactly surprising ) which essentially costs his his shot at the Vice Presidency. Because the President didn't want another Ted Kennedy looking scandal to have to deal with as President. You should see The Contender for yourself to find out exactly how and why the car goes off into the lake.