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Friday, October 12, 2012

Talk Radio News Service: Tales From The Spin Room- Democrats React

Source: Talk Radio News Service- President Obama's Spokeswoman, Jennifer Psaki-
Source: Talk Radio News Service: Tales From The Spin Room- Democrats React

When one side is talking about the behavior of their opponent in a debate and aren't talking about the substance of the debate, they are admitting they lost the debate, the same thing with the Obama Campaign making the first debate about the moderator, when they knew they lost.

Imagine a football team's head coach who's team just lost by 21 points and at the post game press conference he's saying that, "well, the reason why we lost the game because our opponents tackled really hard and played really aggressive. They're offensive line blocked really tough and they just did things that should be illegal in this league and we weren't ready for that style of play. Otherwise we would've whipped them because we have a better team." How ridiculous would that have looked to the press and the fans of his team with the head coach complaining about the other team playing too hard and his team not ready for that.

I realize we're talking about American politics and one of the keys of survival and they teach this in political science is not to make public what you're actually feeling. Especially when the news is negative. And instead talk to people including the media as if  they're morons. Not because they're morons but so you can keep your supporters with you. And now the secret is out why used car salesman and personal injury attorney's, are more popular than politicians and the people who work for them. Vice President Joe Biden won the debate tonight, because he was stronger and tougher for his boss President Obama, than Representative Paul Ryan was for Governor Romney.