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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Red Dragon: Will Weed Be Legalized? President Obama Reelected

Source: The Red Dragon- President Barack Obama & Governor Mitt Romney-
Source: The Red Dragon: Will Weed Be Legalized? President Obama Reelected

Marijuana legalization could be coming to a State near you in 2013, with these proposals passing in November. Which I believe they all have a good shot, as we are becoming younger and more liberal-libertarian as a country. You even now have Conservatives in the conservative-libertarian sense, especially in Congress like Senator Rand Paul and his father Representative Ron Paul, Representative Walter Jones, who at the very least are now open to marijuana decriminalization. Because they see the so-called War on Drugs from both a civil liberties, as well as a fiscally conservative point of view, as failures. And are questioning why is America locking up people simply for possessing what are illegal narcotics in America like marijuana. Legalizing alcohol in the 1930s wasn't an endorsement of alcohol and saying that alcohol is a good thing for people. Assuming marijuana is fully legalized in America, at least as far as the Federal Government getting out-of-way of it and allowing the states and localities make their own decisions here, won't be an endorsement of marijuana. But a statement saying that the War on Drugs is more costly to society than one drug.