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Tuesday, October 9, 2012 Montana Senate Debate Jon Tester vs Dennis Rehberg

This debate looked a little like Representative Dennis Rehberg vs President Obama, Representative Rehberg. Spent a lot of time during the debate trying to make Senator Tester look like President Obama, Senator Tester and President Obama agree on this and that and Senator Tester made the good point. To Representative Rehberg, that Dennis you are not running against the President but you are running against me, this is not the Presidential Election but the Montana Senatorial Election and. We are running against each other to decide who should represent Montana in the US Senate, as well as in Congress as a whole and that if you want to run against the President, you should've ran. For President yourself, instead of running for US Senate, which is what you decided to do instead. Which tells me that Representative Rehberg believes that he's down in the race and needs to make Senator Tester look worse then he and compare him with a President, whose probably not very popular in Montana.