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Monday, October 29, 2012 KOMO-TV News: Prostitution Could Stop Being A Crime In Seattle!

I look at prostitution like I look at gambling and marijuana, I'm not in favor of any of them at least. In the sense that I would do any of them and I've made that personal choice for myself but that doesn't mean I believe I have the right to force people to comply to my position or that. I believe government should be telling people what they can do with their own bodies and how they. Should live their own lives, we as a country have much more difficult problems to deal with as a country. Then prostitution and I'm sure the City of Seattle has much worse problems to be dealing with as a City. Then whether or not people are selling themselves sexually or making money having sex or running a prostitution business. And people who are of course against legalizing prostitution, argue that prostitutes spread diseases but I would argue that prostitution whether its. Legal or not will always be with us, its the oldest profession in the World for a reason and taxing and regulating it, which is what Las Vegas and Canada have done. Is a much more effective way to deal with prostitution in America.