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Friday, October 26, 2012 CurrentTV: Viewpoint: Jill Stein Explains The Reason She's Running For President

I have no problem as a Liberal Democrat with Jill Stein running for President for the Green Party. Politically or philosophically, because she would be lucky to get 5% of the vote for President, Libertarian. Gary Johnson has a better opportunity to cost President Obama the election and philosophically I don't have a problem either, because she is the Progressive Voice for President. Barack Obama is the Center Left sorta Moderate Liberal candidate for President, not Liberal enough for. Me and Mitt Romney is basically the Conservative candidate for President and you can argue whether Mitt is a Conservative to begin with but thats a different discussion, Gary Johnson is the real. Liberal in the race but he's running as a Libertarian but Jill Stein is the Progressive Voice in this Presidential Election and a country as big as we are and politically diverse as we are. All of our political factions deserve a voice in politics, which is the main weakness with our two party political system.