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Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Young Turks: Cenk Uygur- John Fuglesang: Jesus, Republicans & The GOP

Source: The Young Turks-
Source: The Young Turks: Cenk Uygur- John Fuglesang: Jesus, Republicans & The GOP

Vote Jesus is pretty simple as far as what the message is. "Vote Republican or you are voting against Christianity and America. You are voting against people who don't believe in these things." It's a desperate hail marry from the parking lot perhaps in a different city where the stadium is and where the game is being played, attempt to make Democrats look like Un-American Atheist Socialists. Or like John Fuglesang and The Young Turks.

But on a more serious note I take the Christian-Right's claim for their support for Jesus, like I take the broader Republican Party's support for Ronald Reagan the same way. Which is not very seriously. And why do I say that? Well, because I'm right for one thing and it's the true as well, but if your'e someone who actually believes in facts and that facts matter, well you're in the minority at this point in America.

But it you want that from me, just look at what Ronald Reagan as either President or not as President and what he actually said and then look at what non-Conservative, anti-conservative really, Republicans who claim to love and admirer Ronald Reagan, but disagree with him on most of the key issues in the country.

Reagan didn't want big government in America's bedrooms and homes. He couldn't give a damn about what free people did in the privacy of their own homes and lives, short of hurting innocent people. He's the man who said America was a nation of immigrants and was a the city on a shining hill. And believed American diversity and individualism was worth celebrating. The Christian-Right and broader Far-Right in America, claim to love Jesus and Ronald, because they're both popular and because Reagan was a Republican and Jesus is who Christians celebrate and look up to, whether or not they actually understand what the man thought or believed in.