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Thursday, October 4, 2012 Video: CBS News: This Morning: Tens Of Thousands of Jobs in Infrastructure Investment

Falling poles, collapsing bridges, outdated airports, overcrowded schools, schools falling apart. Congested roads, especially in big markets, like Washington, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, just. To use as a few examples, these are all things that a Developed Nation like the United States shouldn't put up with, yet we do every year, we don't have weak Economic and Job Growth, with. 8% unemployment because we don't have enough work to do, or we don't have enough money, we have these problems, because we are not doing the work, we have the workers, we have the available employees. We are simply not lining up the contracts and rewarding construction companies to do the work, the US Core of Engineers, estimates that we have 1T$ in needed in Infrastructure Investment in. America but we are simply not assigning the work, Congress is not passing legislation, Public Works bills to use as an example and President Obama is not pushing hard enough. To pass this legislation and I know we have a 1T$ Federal Deficit and 16T$ National Debt and I'm not talking about borrowing the money to pay for a Jobs bill like this or Infrastructure Investment. Is the only answer to get our economy going again but is an answer that needs to be part of package, an Economic Growth Package.

We don't need a Supply Side Economic Policy, where we borrow the money, we could pay for this legislation, through taxing things that we don't need, like tobacco or even alcohol or. Maybe even tax things that we do need, like gas or tolls but we need a plan like this to put our people back to work. Mixed in with Tax Cuts designed to encourage new investment, Small Business Tax Relief, Consumer Spending. Lowering the Corporate Tax, that comes with eliminating or at least cutting Corporate Welfare, as well as encouraging hiring workers in America, rather then sending jobs oversees and finally. Moving towards an Energy Independence Policy that gets us off of Foreign Oil, by investing in new American Natural Resources, including oil and Natural Gas, nuclear, wind solar etc. These are all thing we can do, we don't have to settle for 8% unemployment, there's plenty of work to do in this country, we are simply not doing the work.