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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

FRSDailyTimes: PBS: Tavis Smiley Show: Jeffrey Sachs: A Possible More Progressive President Obama In A 2nd Term

I don't want to see President Obama become more Progressive in a second term, meaning he'll look to expand. The Federal Government and create all new Social Insurances and so fourth, he's going to have to concentrate on the economy starting off and hopefully he'll get something like the American Jobs Act. Passed through the next Congress, thats built around Infrastructure Investment, moving towards Energy Independence, through investing in all of our Natural Resources, more Tax Relief. For the Middle Class, to encourage more Consumer Spending, these are things that we need to do as a country, create Economic and Job Growth, so we can move towards real Deficit Reduction. I believe President Obama understands these things and will be concentrating on them, he's not Franklin Roosevelt. He's not looking to create a New Deal, he didn't run for President to expand the Federal Government but to meet the challenges of the country and they mostly has something to do. With the economy, I don't believe he even believes in Economic Progressivism but is more of a JFK or Bill Clinton Liberal when it comes to the economy.