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Sunday, October 7, 2012

FRSDailyTimes: "The Idea Behind Planned Parenthood Was To Abort The Little Brown Brothers"

Ann Coulter actually has a good point here and perhaps only the second time I've ever heard her make a good point about anything. That African Americans tend to be more Conservative then Democrats at large on Social Issues, like Same Sex Marriage and abortion, African Americans tend to. Be more Religiously Conservative then Democrats at large and the other good point that she makes about the Great Society, that it has hurt African Americans in the sense, that some of them have. Become more dependent on Public Assistance since and have grown up on Public Assistance and have raised their kids kids on Public Assistance, because their parents or parent were unemployed for. Long times while they were growing up and not expected to get an education and go to work and then their kids end up doing the same thing, she actually has a good point here. But thats where her good points end, she has a habit of saying something thats at least borderline intelligent and then. Follow that up with an ignorant statement, that abortion was made legal to "abort brown babies" or the Great Society was created, to keep African Americans down.

Abortion was made legal, because of all the unsafe abortions that were going on, pre 1973 when Roe V Wade. Became law in 1973, abortions were still going on pre 1973, they were just illegal and were unsafe, the term "Back Ally Abortion", those things actually happen and the majority of the Supreme Court. Believed that it wasn't governments business, what kinda of healthcare that women should be getting, I would add men to that as well but Roe V Wade was about women's right to decide. What kinda healthcare that they should be able to have and who should make this decision, government or the women and their doctors themselves and either Ann Coulter is too ignorant to understand. That or she's simply lying out of her mouth, to make Roe V Wade look worse then it is, something that its not and like a lot of Neoconservatives in America, is truthfully challenge about. Divisive issues in America.