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Monday, October 1, 2012

C-Span: 1992 3rd Party Presidential Debate: How Third Parties Could Get Attention Today

This is one of the reasons why I love C-Span, because they don't just cover Democrats and Republicans. But all of the political parties that have a voice and message, now they obviously cover the Democrats and Republicans more, because those are the parties that are always in power, until a. Third party emerges and knocks them out of power but the problem with a Two Party System in a country, thats as politically as diverse as ours and is as big as ours, both in land and in population. Is that Democrats and Republicans aren't simply big enough to speak to the concerns and politics of the whole country, 40% of the country is not a Democrat or a Republican and are either. Not registered or a member of a third party that better represents their political beliefs , whether they are more to the right or left then Democrats and Republicans or are in the center and. They are the largest voting block in the United States and I believe C-Span recognizes this and has decided that other voices should be represented, especially in a Liberal Democracy, thats as. Big and diverse as ours.

What C-Span did back in 1992 and I believe they still do, at least to a certain extent today, is something. That I wish other networks, broadcast, cable or whatever, if these third parties, even if a third party is fairly strong, for a third party, like the Reform Party back in 1996, aren't able. To get into the Presidential Debates, is these parties should comes together and form third party debates, between the Socialists, Libertarians and Independents and so fourth and have them about the. Time as the major party Presidential Debates are going on and see if C-Span, PBS, maybe CNN picks them up or tries to get them up and you would see our entire Political Spectrum in this country. Represented, that goes from far left, to far right and everything else in between. Americans are looking for other voices in American Politics and a system like this would give it to them.