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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

CBC Sports: CFL 1993: Sacramento Goldminers @ Calgary Stampeders

The American Experience for the CFL was a good idea, how to get more exposure and attendance and fans. Into the Canadian Football League, to draw more fans and to make more money and the idea was to, one point have a Canadian Conference and an American Conference, to play for the Can Am Championship. Or something, where it would be a big event in both Canada a country of back then, of around 30M people and America a country then of 260M people. The problem was that it wasn't thoughtfully put through, going into places like Shreveport Louisiana, a market that most Americans. Had probably never heard of pre CFL and most Americans are probably not that familiar with since and Las Vegas a big major city but not much of a history as being a Pro Sports market. They are known for Adult Entertainment for the most part, where people come from sports towns, to get away from that type of life. And they had management groups, that had very little if any experience if any, in how to run a sports franchise, which is something I believe the new USFL hopefully. Understands and will be successful in creating an alternative Pro Football League, to the NFL.