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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

PBS: Newshour: Supreme Court Hears Cases on Drug-Sniffing Dogs and Privacy

Looks like the War on Drugs could take a big hit as it relates to privacy

The Fiscal Times: Josh Boak: Where Does Romney Stand? Let's Go to the Replay

Where Does Romney Stand? Let's Go to the Replay

This is the political question of 2012 that Mitt Romney might not be able to answer, where does he stand on the issues. Because he's had so many positions on them over the years and in 2012 alone, that his Republican opponents brought up during the primaries.

Monday, October 29, 2012 KOMO-TV News: Prostitution Could Stop Being A Crime In Seattle!

I look at prostitution like I look at gambling and marijuana, I'm not in favor of any of them at least. In the sense that I would do any of them and I've made that personal choice for myself but that doesn't mean I believe I have the right to force people to comply to my position or that. I believe government should be telling people what they can do with their own bodies and how they. Should live their own lives, we as a country have much more difficult problems to deal with as a country. Then prostitution and I'm sure the City of Seattle has much worse problems to be dealing with as a City. Then whether or not people are selling themselves sexually or making money having sex or running a prostitution business. And people who are of course against legalizing prostitution, argue that prostitutes spread diseases but I would argue that prostitution whether its. Legal or not will always be with us, its the oldest profession in the World for a reason and taxing and regulating it, which is what Las Vegas and Canada have done. Is a much more effective way to deal with prostitution in America.

CBC Sports: CFL 1994: Eastern Final: Baltimore Stallions AT Winnipeg Blue Bombers

The Baltimore Stallions won the CFL East in its first season in 1994

The Fiscal Times: Reuters: Alan Wheatly: "Economists Estimate October Jobs at a Weak 124,000"

Economists Estimate October Jobs at a Weak 124,000

This would still be a bigger Jobs Report then September that saw the unemployment rate fall. This could be another benefit for President Obama, as well as the response to Hurricane Sandy, right before the election. There are benefits to being the incumbent.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Fiscal Times: Eric Planin & Merrill Goozner: 20 Races that Can Change the Course of Congress

20 Races that Can Change the Course of Congress

House Republicans and Senate Democrats are favored to retain control but the Presidential Election could determine. Who wins both and both Chambers of Congress are in play.

Saturday, October 27, 2012 CurrentTV: John Fugelsang: Vote Jesus!

Vote Jesus is pretty simple as far as what the message is, vote Republican or you are voting against Christianity and America. You are voting against people who don't believe in these things, its a desperate attempt to make Democrats look like Un American Atheist Socialists.

BBCMotionGallery: The Civil Rights Era

Foreign news coverage of one of the most important periods in American History

Chicago Tribune: How Tribune Jumped the Gun and Harry Truman Got the Last Laugh

How Tribune jumped the gun and Truman got the last laugh

If there's just one headline that a newspaper would like to have back, its this one

Friday, October 26, 2012 CurrentTV: Viewpoint: Jill Stein Explains The Reason She's Running For President

I have no problem as a Liberal Democrat with Jill Stein running for President for the Green Party. Politically or philosophically, because she would be lucky to get 5% of the vote for President, Libertarian. Gary Johnson has a better opportunity to cost President Obama the election and philosophically I don't have a problem either, because she is the Progressive Voice for President. Barack Obama is the Center Left sorta Moderate Liberal candidate for President, not Liberal enough for. Me and Mitt Romney is basically the Conservative candidate for President and you can argue whether Mitt is a Conservative to begin with but thats a different discussion, Gary Johnson is the real. Liberal in the race but he's running as a Libertarian but Jill Stein is the Progressive Voice in this Presidential Election and a country as big as we are and politically diverse as we are. All of our political factions deserve a voice in politics, which is the main weakness with our two party political system.

Postmedia News: Natalie Stechyso- Supreme Court of Canada to Determine Legal Rules Around Prostitution

Postmedia News: Natalie Stechyso- Supreme Court of Canada to determine legal rules around prostitution

Canada choosing regulation and taxation over prohibition when it comes to prostitution. Something America should do as well.

The Fiscal Times: Eric Planin & Merrill Goozner: "Gaffes Aside, the GOP Can Still Control Congress"

Gaffes Aside, the GOP Can Still Control Congress

Congressional Democrats in both the House and Senate, switching over to the Republican Party. Is probably the best shot that Congressional Republicans have of controlling the House and Senate in the next Congress. There's a better shot that House Democrats will win back the House instead.

Thursday, October 25, 2012 ABC World News: Barnes & Noble Customer's Personal Information Hacked

Bad day for Barnes and Noble

Politico: Dylan Byers: President Obama Calls Mitt Romney a 'Bullshitter'

Obama calls Romney a 'bullsh--ter'

As I heard on CNN today, Americans are constantly complaining that our politicians aren't candid enough and. Then when they do speak their minds, they get in trouble over it which is why our politicians don't tend to be very candid. President Obama was simply expressing how he feels about Mitt Romney's credibility and character and if you look at Governor Romney's flip flopping, you can make a case that Mitt is. A Bullshitter, are we now going to get our politicians in trouble for speaking the truth. AP: NHL's Islanders Moving to New Brooklyn Arena From Long Island for 2015-16 Season

NHL's Islanders moving to new Brooklyn arena from Long Island for 2015-16 season

Get use to hearing the Brooklyn Islanders

The Fiscal Times: Eric Planin: President Obama Promises a Grand Bargain to Avoid the ‘Cliff’

Obama Promises a Grand Bargain to Avoid the ‘Cliff’

President Obama- Vote for me and I'll eventually show Leadership on the National Debt

Friday, October 19, 2012

Prison Planet Live-HBO's Real Time With Bill Maher: Ben Affleck Defends TSA 'Dick Grabbing'

Ben Affleck, taking another stand for Big Government! I could just imagine him running for office as a wannabe politician and imagine what his campaign message would be. He would say something to the effect, “if you think you have too much freedom and privacy in your life and have too many decisions to make, vote for Ben Affleck. Because I would support policies to take all of that freedom and privacy away from you. Vote for Ben Affleck and you won’t even have to worry about your private parts being to private. Because I would appoint Dick Grabbing to run TSA for us. And he would take care of that for you. And he and his Dick Grabbers will be there to make sure your private parts are never too private at the airport.” Now imagine that for a campaign theme. Americans For Big Government and the Nanny State Alliance and Americans For Outlawing Freedom and Privacy, would endorse Mr. Affleck faster than snow melts in Los Angeles in July.

Politico: Dylan Byers: Salt Lake Tribune endorses Obama

Salt Lake Tribune endorses Obama

This is interesting considering President Obama probably has no shot in hell of winning Utah

The Fiscal Times: Bruce Bartlett: The Last Word on Romney’s Tax Plan: It Doesn’t Work

The Last Word on Romney’s Tax Plan: It Doesn’t Work

As President Obama has said and is right about this point, Mitt Romney wants to cut taxes across the board by. 5T$ over ten years and increase defense spending by hundreds of billions of dollars as well, whether Mitt admits this or not, its in his plan and he hasn't laid out how he would pay for it. Other then cutting Tax Loopholes, which are at best in the hundreds of billions of dollars. This is President Reagan 1981 all over again, with large deficits and increases in the debt as a result.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012 CNN Situation Room: Man Arrested Plotting To Blow Up Federal Reserve In New York

Damn the Federal Reserve must be even more unpopular then I thought

NBC Sports: FBS 1971: 1972 Rose Bowl: Michigan vs. Stanford: Curt Gowdy With The Call

Stanford taking on the big boys from Michigan

Chicago Tribune: Editorial: "Both Candidates At Their Best At The Debate Tuesday Night"

At their best

No actually Mitt Romney was at his best in Denver, he made at least three big unforced errors in this debate. Or turnovers that President Obama who was at his best, scored on all of them and that really how the President won the debate, along with blocking a lot of first punches thrown by Governor Romney and hitting back hard. Thats how you win debates in close elections.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012 MSNBC Newsnation: Marijuana Legalization On The Ballot In 3 States

Marijuana Legalization could be coming to a State near you in 2013, if these proposals pass in November. Which I believe they all have a good shot, as we are becoming younger and more Liberal-Libertarian as a country.

TSN: CFL Recap: Montreal 24, Toronto 12 - October 14, 2012

The Montreal Alouettes h
ave looked like the team to beat in the CFL for five years now

The Fiscal Times: Opinion-Josh Boak-What is President Obama’s Vision for the Next 4 Years?

The Fiscal Times: Opinion- Josh Boak- What is President Obama’s Vision for the Next 4 Years?

Hopefully public infrastructure, rebuilding the country. The U.S. Core of Engineers says we have about a 1T$ deficit in infrastructure investment. A 5-10 year investment in public infrastructure would rebuild the country, put a lot of unemployed Americans back to work and generate much needed Economic Growth.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Independent Institute: FOX News: FNC Special Report: The Impact of the ACA on Medicare

This is of course a slanted report about the ACA savings from Medicare, that stops overpayments from. Medicare to Health Insurers as part of the Medicare Advantage plan that was created in 2003 but thats what you get from FOX News, the Republican side of things.

CBC Sports: CFL 1993: West Final Edmonton Eskimos @ Calgary Stampeders

A Snow Bowl where the Battle of Alberta, the Best of the CFL West was played in 1993

The Fiscal Times: Eric Piannin: 5 October Surprises That Could Decide the Election

5 October Surprises That Could Decide the Election

The October Surprise, if there is one this year, will probably have something to do with the economy, good or bad. That will effect who wins the Presidential Election.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Cowie 74H: Sexy Women on The Phone

Source: Cowie 74H-
Source: Cowie 74H: Sexy Women on The Phone

Where they got the title of this video of “sucking Michael Jackson hot white”, I have no idea. Because this video has absolutely nothing to do with Michael Jackson. It is simply a beautiful brunette sitting on the stool on her cell phone from late 2008. In a tank top and skinny denim jeans. And she looks great, but the video is short, but what she get to see from her is pretty sexy. Again a beautiful baby-face brunette on her phone with beautiful legs and a nice butt in skinny denim jeans. I wish I knew the jeans brand, but a very attractive women. But this video has nothing to do with Michael Jackson. It is simply a very attractive women sitting on her stool pretending to be on the phone. "Sexy Brunette With a Call", or #Sexy Brunette Makes The Call",  or "Sexy Brunette on The Stool", all would have been accurate titles for this video. And people would have an easier time finding this video, because they would know what the hell they're looking for. Instead of searching Michael Jackson and never seeing this video even though his name is all over it.

ABC Sports: FBS PCC 1970: Washington @ Stanford

Sunny Sixkiller was also an actor, who I believe was in the Longest Yard from 1974 and Jim Plunkett. Who won the Heisman Trophy in 1970 and had a long career in the NFL, winning two Super Bowls with the Raiders.

Talk Radio News: Tales From The Spin Room: GOP Not Pleased With Biden's Behavior

When one side is talking about the behavior of their opponent in a debate and aren't talking about the. Substance of the debate, they are admitting they lost the debate, the same thing with the Obama Campaign making the first debate about the moderator, when they knew they lost.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

TSN: CFL 1993: Sacramento Goldminers @ Edmonton Eskimos

The Sacramento Goldminers first season in the CFL, you might see them back in the new USFL in 2013 RT: Greg Palast "Democrats Don't Stand Up Because Jellyfish Don't Have Spines"

You don't see Neoconservative Republicans who claim to be so concern about Voter Fraud, pushing "Voter ID" laws. Going after people who who support Republicans, who try to keep people who normally vote Democratic from voting.

Chicago Tribune: "Rahm's Problem: ZIP code 62706"

Rahm's problem: ZIP code 62706

Democrats blaming Democrats over the budget mess in Illinois

A&E: Beyond Scared Straight: This Is Jail

If actually experiencing real life jail doesn't scare the hell into juveniles wanting to learn and conduct. Themselves in a responsible manner so they ca avoid things, like actually having to live in jail, where their safety and life will be in danger, then nothing will.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

FRSDailyTimes: RT America: Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein "Explains How President Obama Is Worse Than President Bush"

First of all to correct the record, 25% of the 2009 American Recovery Act were Tax Cuts, all targeted. To the Middle Class, Tax Cuts that both Mitt Romney and Jill Stein want to repeal, resulting in Tax Hikes for the, well Middle Class people who simply can't afford to pay extra in. Taxes right now, so there's at least one area that separates President Obama from both Governor Romney and Dr. Stein, who claimed that the Recovery Act was mostly Tax Cuts and she said. A couple of days ago, Tax Cuts for the rich, completely bogus claims and its beyond me how someone whose running. For President of the United States and won their parties nomination for President, does not know that but people who are aren't running for President do know that, because they've actually seen the bill. Under Dr. Stein those Tax Cuts disappear as well as all the Bush Tax Cuts, including the Middle Class Tax Cuts, that took more working Americans off of the Tax Rolls and lowered the bottom. Tax Rate, people who are Low Income workers and lower Middle Class workers pay, to 10%. Vote for the Green Party, you are voting for Middle Class Tax Hikes.

As far as the Green Deal, based off of the New Deal from the 1930s obviously, putting the Federal Government. Essentially in charge of job creation and Economic Growth and would put the Federal Government in charge of prioritizing what projects and what works need to be done in America. Putting the Federal Government in charge of hiring all of these unemployed workers to do this work. And one way that Dr. Stein says she would pay for this, a roughly 800B$ Stimulus Package, all Public Sector centered, is by pulling all of our troops out of the Afghan and Iraq Wars. By ending those wars, I'm for ending those wars now myself, but the problem with financing an Economic Plan. With money from Afghanistan and Iraq, is that both of those wars were put on the National Debt Card, not a dime of either war has ever been paid for, so what a Stein Administration. Would do, is stop the borrowing of hundreds of billions of dollars to fund one thing and take all of that money to be borrowed to pay for something else.

I hate to put it this way, because I'm not a fan of the two party system, even as a Liberal Democrat. Whose party has benefited greatly from it, but a vote for Jill Stein for President, is literally a vote for Mitt Romney, the more votes that President Obama doesn't get, are votes that. Don't go against Mitt Romney and the way to fix this in the future, is to blow up the two party system and replace it with a system that would accompany, Democratic Socialists, like the Greens, Libertarians and Independents.