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Friday, December 23, 2011

Buddy Roemer: Reform America Ad in New Hampshire

Source: Buddy Roemer-
Source: Buddy Roemer: Reform America Ad in New Hampshire

An Independence Party, or an Independence movement, isn't exactly about centrism, or running to the middle on most if not all the major issues, or splitting the difference. To me that would be what a centrist movement is about. Looking for what's been labeled and the mushy middle,  accurately so to a certain degree. To me Senator Joe Liberman and I could name a few others isn't a centrist. He has clear liberal views on most if not social issues except when it comes to national security. Where he's more of a Neoconservative and he tends to be fairly liberal on economic policy as well. But Joe Lieberman is definitely an Independent more interested in governing than fighting partisan battles. And always looking for the solutions to problems, rather than continuing to fight. As a Liberal Democrat myself I tend to disagree with Senator Lieberman on most if not all national security and foreign policy issues.

But Senator Lieberman he is an Independent looking to govern and looking for solutions. Looking to do what's in the best interest of the country. Rather than fighting partisan battles and just to give his party an edge or to gain more power. Which is basically what Democrats and Republicans are doing right now. "How do I get that extra edge on the Democrats or Republicans to win the latest partisan battle to give me leverage in the next political battle. As well as winning the next election." This is why I believe an Independence movement as well an Independence Party is needed. Where people would come together and Senator Lieberman could be one of their leaders, especially as he leaves Congress in 2013. But a party and movement and that could be made up of Classical Liberals, Classical Conservatives, Libertarians, Centrists who agree on enough. And can work out their differences to form a united party to push Democrats and Republicans.

And to push Democrats and Republicans hard enough where they can get on the ballot everywhere. Where their leaders and members are former Democrats and Republicans, where they recruit Democrats and Republicans, as well as liberal and conservative Independents. Who don't like the big government tendencies of either party or the partisan fighting. And want to see America working again, by laying out an agenda that accomplishes not by running to the center and avoiding big decisions, but putting down solutions that work and throwing out the junk that doesn't work. And someone like a Buddy Roemer who twenty-years ago would've been considered a great Republican presidential candidate before the Religious and Neoconservatives took over the party, could be the Independence Party's presidential nominee. Because he'll take on both Republican and Democratic special interests. And Independence movement and an Independence Party should be about a couple of things.

One, blowing up the current two party system that only serves the leadership of the Republican and Democratic parties. We are way too big and politically diverse as a country, where we are represented across the political spectrum to only have two major political parties. And to push Democrats and Republicans to tell them, either figure out how to govern this country and then do it. Or get out-of- town, because you're going to replaced.