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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

PBS: NewsHour- Dan Balz- Newt Surging in Polls

Source: PBS- Washington Post political reporter Dan Balz-
Source: PBS: NewsHour- Dan Balz: New Surging in Polls

I'm not a Newt Gingrich fan in the sense that I would ever vote for him. I'm a Liberal Democrat in the real sense of the term. And Newt is a conservative on most things but has neoconservative leanings on the War on Terror that I don't like. But on the economic policy issues, the War on Poverty and other social welfare issues, I tend to respect Newt and even agree with him from time to time. He's got a lot of baggage that will probably prevent him from being President of the United States and even the Republican nominee. Unless there's a new Newt like there was a new Nixon in 1968. There's some positive aspect about him we don't know about yet. Like he's grown up as a campaigner and a manager and can avoid making cheap mistakes that could ruin his presidential campaign. But the reasons for his success right now, are what people like about him. He loves to speak to people individually, he speaks his mind.

Newt loves and is very good about retail politics. He's very provocative, his positions and answers are not poll driven. He probably doesn't have much of a budget for polls right now to begin with. Which could change quickly if Newt were to win Iowa, but we are still four weeks away from that. But Newt is doing what really works for him, which is speak to the people. Simply can't afford to make mistakes right now because of his tight budget, which I believe has benefited him. Because its disciplined his campaign because of the fact that he can't afford to make mistakes right now. So his tight budget is actually paying off for Newt right now.

Newt's path to the Republican nomination in 2012, knockout a heavy favorite and heavy financed frontrunner in Mitt Romney. Which is something a lot if not of a consensus of the Republican Party would like to see. And a lot of Democrats would like to see, is to first avoid any further big mistakes. Don't take any positions that you have to change later, don't run away or try to cover up things from the past. When facts about his past come up, especially bad ones, acknowledge them and say you were wrong. Don't try to cover them up. No more ethics violations, dig deep to get all of those out in the public. Obviously don't commit any new ones. Newt is leading right now because of the debates and his retail politicking.

And Newt has done well in his press conferences. He should put his new and provocative policy positions on the table. Newt does well when his campaign is about his ideas not his past, because then he's on the defensive. He's been in politics for over thirty years in one capacity or another. As far as the Republican primary's, Newt's Path to the Republican nomination, is win Iowa or New Hampshire. Both is preferable and puts him in excellent shape in South Carolina and with fundraising. If Newt wins Iowa or New Hampshire and finishes a strong second in the other primary and someone other than Mitt Romney wins the other primary, like Ron Paul, Newt is still in good shape going into South Carolina. So would the other Republican primary winner, because then Mitt Romney has to go full-out in South Carolina to save his campaign, taking on two strong contenders that he trails. Thats Newt Gingrich's path to the Republican nomination for President.