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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Buddy Roemer: "Goldman Friggin Sachs"- Governor Buddy Roemer on MSNBC's Morning Joe

Source: Buddy Roemer-
Source: Buddy Roemer: Goldman Friggin Sachs- Governor Buddy Roemer on MSNBC's Morning Joe

Buddy Roemer is one of the few if only real Republicans (as I would put it), people who are Classical Conservatives, running for President in the Republican Party right now. The only other person I would consider would be Newt Gingrich. Ron Paul I would classify as a Classical Libertarian, Gary Johnson and John Huntsman I would classify as Liberal Libertarians. Who I believe as a Liberal Democrat myself would both make solid Democrats in an Old School sense. Actually I would put Rick Perry in the same class as Newt Gingrich, but the rest of that field are Neoconservatives, except for Mitt Romney who if I had to guess by judging his track record looks like George H.W. Bush or Gerry Ford. But politically he's where ever he feels he needs to be to suit him politically. But the rest of them, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum, Michelle Bachmann are all Tea Party Neo-Cons. Basically trying to install round three of the George W. Bush Administration.

Running for President in an era where neoconservatism is out of style in most of the country. If it's a Barry Goldwater/Ron Reagan Republican you're looking for President, look at the Buddy Roemer and take a look at John Huntsman, because they are the closest people that the Republican Party has right now. Which to me is just more evidence that both Goldwater and Reagan couldn't get the Republican nomination for President right now. Because they wouldn't kiss up to the Religious and Neo-Right, because they wouldn't give a damn about those people. Because of Governor  Roemer's politics and character and the fact that he can't get the Republican nomination for President right now, because of how far-right the GOP has moved in the last ten years or so, is just more evidence that Governor Roemer shouldn't give up his presidential campaign, just not run as a Republican. What American politics needs right now is another major political party. A party that could take votes away from Democrats and Republicans.

And force the two big parties to speak to broader audiences other than their fringe bases. And court votes from people other than their Fringe Bases. We need an Independence Party, something that George Wallace tried to start in the late 1960s and what Ross Perot tried to start in the 1990s. A party thats made up of both Classical Liberals and Classical Conservatives, people who aren't on the Far-Left or Far-Right. That can appeal to American voters who aren't on these fringes and give the two parties a hell of a run for their money. To encourage them to move away from their fringes whether they win or lose. And Buddy Roemer, Bob Barr, Evan Baygh, Joe Lieberman, Mike Bloomberg, Lincoln Chaffey and others, would all make excellent presidential candidates for an Independence Party. Because they are the real things on the left and right not extremists. Buddy Roemer represents what the Republican Party used to be and what they have moved away from. Even with the Tea Party movement, because some of them have gotten in bed with Neoconservatives. Buddy Roemer hasn't left the Republican Party, but they've left him politically. Which is why he should leave the GOP and work to build a real Independence movement in American politics. That can build America's third major political party.